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Clan Terms and Conditions

There will be no charge this year for tent space.  Tent rentals are not available but space is free for those who bring their own tents. 

1. Each clan will receive two (2) passes for the event regardless of tent space reserved to be used by designated representatives of the tent and cannot be transferred to guests, etc. unless they are helping within the tent. The pass must be worn at all times while at the festival. Additional passes may be purchased for your group at the door.

2. A clan or society representative must be at the tent at all times during festival hours (aside from time needed for restroom and meal breaks).

3. Your presence is greatly requested and appreciated, although not required, at the calling of the clans/ torchlight ceremony and clan reception on Friday evening.

4. Clans and societies must bring their own tents, tables, and chairs. The Appalachian Highlands Celts and Tipton Haynes State Historical Site are not responsible for any damage to clan property for any reason.

5. Tents may be set up on Friday Sept. 1 from noon until 6:00 PM. If you set up your tent on Saturday morning, your vehicle must be out of the event area by 8:30 AM. Event hours for Saturday Sept. 2 are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Sunday’s hours are from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. You will be allowed to bring vehicles into the event area after 4:00 PM on Sunday. No vehicles are allowed in the pedestrian areas during the festival for safety purposes.

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